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What Greatest You Summit’s Previous Speakers said

Guest Speaker – Previous Series 5

I appreciate you too, you magical loving creature!
And I want you to know that several people have emailed me to tell me they loved our interview and also really appreciate that you allow access to the replay. Love to you and the best in your future Love, Love, Rhonda



Clairvoyant Frequency Master
Known as “The Laser Beam of Awareness” Light-body Elder,
member of a benevolent group of light beings

Guest Speaker – Previous Series 5

You have such a beautiful energy. It is really lovely
to connect with you. 
It feels as if you strive to please others,
doing good for humanity in the work that you do. You are
guided to trust in the higher realms/universal order/divine
plan and allow what is unfolding for you to do just that



Metatron Channel & Scribe
Spiritual Teacher, Alchemist,
Quantum Healer & Founder
of Metatronia Foundation of Light

Guest Speaker – Previous Series 5

Thank you for your support and seeing me with such a beautiful open heart.
I am so happy you feel comfortable to speak with me as soul sisters on a mission – you are very knowledgeable and I hope that you step into more conversations on your shows you have so much wisdom and love to share and I look forward to you sharing your voice even more in the future.


Multi-sensory and forensic medical intuitive, life design strategist, animal communicator and wealth activator

Appreciation Expressed

Thank you Christine.

I am so greatful to be part of your tribe.

Blessings and Infinite Love.


Christine I wanted to say that you are one of the best persons I have met on webcasts.

Love your calm voice.


Wow! What a call. I got on late. I can`t  wait to hear the replay.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Thank You for doing these calls

Your Love and Openness Christine have brought more to these calls that any other summits, tele-calls I`ve listen to.

God Bless You! – Jill L.


The information already lies in your DNA and CELLS.        
Allow those who have the Resources to Help
You Remember and Become Awakened.
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