Humanitarian Environmentalist

Biography of Jody Holmes
Jody Holmes was born and raised in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada where he developed an unbreakable connection with the natural world. Jody is a Humanitarian Environmentalist who is passionate about peace and the preservation of nature. Both peace and the preservation of nature are essential for the indefinite existence of the human species on planet Earth. Jody started a not-for-profit organization in 2016 named the Connecting Communities Association to educate others about the importance of sustainable development and to encourage others to contribute to improving the environmental health of their local community.
Jody has gained a strong understanding of the impacts humans have had on the natural world through his post-secondary education. In his pursuit of enlightenment, he has also developed a unique perspective on the human condition and is determined to help others gain clarity in their lives so they can realize their full potential and truly enjoy their life experience while living environmentally responsible lifestyles. Jody strongly believes that it is not only possible to live in harmony with the natural world, it is absolutely necessary for the survival of our species. He is excited to guide people to the path of harmonized enlightenment!
Jody believes that every individual must experience personal transformations by going on challenging journeys, both physically and mentally, in the pursuit of harmonized enlightenment. Pursuing harmonized enlightenment will enable you to become at peace with yourself and will help you gain a genuine appreciation for the natural world. These seemingly simple results can bring you unimaginable fulfillment and enjoyment into your life. Relinquishing your ego, strengthening your self-respect, and realizing the indescribable beauty and unquestionable wonders of the natural world will allow you to experience what might be the closest thing to heaven on Earth. It’s important to contemplate that the Garden of Eden was not made by man…. Immersing yourself in nature is the best way to clear your mind, cleanse your soul, free your spirit, and build a lifelong connection with that which enables your extraordinary existence.
It is critical for every person to understand that we are all connected by the physical elements of the Earth. We all share the same home. We breathe from the same air supply, we drink from the global water supply which is circulated by gravity. the wind, and the rain, and we all depend on nourishment derived from energy from the sun through the bodies of plants and animals. We all receive gifts of the utmost importance from the Earth every day which allow us to survive. Jody believes it is crucial that we all learn how to return gifts to the Earth so we can become givers and caretakers of the Earth and not just takers and spoilers of the Earth. Jody is eager to teach all those who wish to learn how to become the best version of themselves and have a desire to learn how they can contribute to preserving nature.

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