Dr.Allison Kay - Greatest You Summit Series7

     Dr. Alison J Kay
Master Mind/Body Energy Healer,
Author, India trained YA RYT-
200 Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Biography of Dr. Alison Kay

Dr. Alison J. Kay is a Master Mind-Body Energy Medicine
practitioner for more than twenty years, a world-traveler who
lived and worked at The International School System in Asia for
ten years and currently she facilitates outrageously rewarding
energy medicine sessions for clients worldwide. During her
experience in Asia, Alison completed her PhD as a Holistic Life
Coach. She continued fiercely studying Buddhism and Buddhist
meditation, while also learning and eventually teaching Chi Gong,
and receiving traditional Chinese and other Asian holistic
treatments many times per week. Prior to returning home,
Dr. Alison went to India and became a Yoga Alliance certified
Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

The Vibrational UPgrade System was created by Dr. Alison after
spending these years in Asia studying subtle energy. Her system
presents the intersection of the mind, body, and spirit applied to
cultivating vitality, health, longevity, and overall well-being.
During her speaker engagements, she consistently awes her
audiences with the completeness and accuracy from which
they awaken and recognize their own physical, emotional,
mental, and life challenges having a direct, clear correlation
to a specific chakra or two. She has developed a system that
targets the missing links that have been understood to be the
weak points in the American medical system “daily self and
chronic care,” as she fully documents in her well-researched
award winning book, What if There’s Nothing Wrong?

In 2013 and in 2016 released her #1 International Best Selling book
“Vibrational UPgrade – A Conspiracy for Your Bliss; Easing
Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition” which is available on
Amazon.com. Dr. Kay also presents holistic tools to transform long
term issues that take students and clients beyond wellness, into
levels of thriving not typically expected nor considered possible
within the American system!

Dr. Kay uncovers the unifying tools with the understanding of how
energy flows – or does not – in the body, and how that creates:
~ Health and wellness
~ Vitality and clarity
~ Centered calmness
~ Abundance
~ Healthy emotional expression
~ Balance and a whole lot more
~ Vibrant career path based on Passion & Alignment & Fulfillment
~ Healthy Expressions of Love: Giving, Receiving, Romantic, Family,
Friends, Self
~ Physical Flexibility, Ease & Longevity
For more information about products and services available you
can visit www.alisonjkay.com

Dr. Alison Kay's Accreditations & Certifications

B.A.; Bachelors of Arts in English Literature w/Creative Writing
• M.P.A.; Masters of Public Administration
• Doctor of Philosophy as a Holistic Life Coach, Ph.D
• Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Holistic Health
Association, AHHA
• Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master lineage to the founder, removed
by six
• Level 5 Certification, Masters Level, for the Tibetan Energy
Medicine Adamantine Healing System (AHS)
• Basic and Advanced Certified ThetaHealing™ Practitioner
• BARS practitioner with Access Consciousness™
• India trained Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
• Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher of 200 hours (RYT-200)
• Qigong Instructor
• Buddhist Meditation Practitioner for over 20 years 3
• Buddhist Meditation Teacher w/signature talk
“The Nature of the Mind” for 22 years
• ACE Certified Personal Trainer w/certification in Fitness &
Longevity Nutrition

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