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Amber Brogly is Spirit lead intuitive healer, clear channel, and empowerment guide. Her mission in life is to promote radical self-love and help others embrace their personal power. Amber has the uncanny ability to connect on a soul level with her clients. She creates a secure safe place that becomes the platform for clients to break through barriers to personal transformation and expansion.

As a student and lover of life Amber approaches each day with a deep understanding and empathy toward the human condition. She believes in magic. She is the epitome of her own healing work.

She first discovered Energy Work 5 years ago and has completely transformed her life. The tools she used to make these changes, she now uses to help others experience true shift in all areas of life.

Through this journey she has developed a practice, clearing negative energies and destructive thought patterns replacing them with a new script. Amber is a testament that energy healing therapy is a powerful approach to wellness that can revolutionize any life.

Her healing work is a holistic approach to Spirit mind-body Wellness using applied kinesiology, neuro-linguistic programming, an integration process along with clear intuition and Spirit guidance. She receives client-specific answers and tools to powerfully redirect lives. Helping others find and release the things that are holding them back from their greatest potential.

Her work has been described as “Magic in a time machine without the butterfly effect”.

She lives unabashedly in beautiful southern Utah with her equally magical son and encourages all of us to write our own story.


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