Bernadette Wulf - Guest Speaker - Greatest You Summit Series7

Bernadette Wulf
Dir. of Faehallows School of Magic
Artist, Shamanic Energy Healer,
Intuitive Faery & Angel Card

Biography of Bernadette Wulf

Bernadette teaches Celtic magic and mystery wisdom to assist in the awakening of humanity. Many people are just beginning to wake up out of the Matrix illusion, but the elves and faeries already went through this Shift long ago. Now they live in a higher vibrational dimension where they create the energetic templates on which our world is formed from the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether. The fae left us many clues to lead us out of the Matrix, in the form of myths, symbols, magic, and mystery wisdom, particularly in the Celtic traditions.

Master-Guide Kirael stated, “When the Elven [Faery] energy is not allowed to be part of the journey, the Matrix expands” – yet few humans are even aware of elves or faeries, because they are so immersed in the Matrix illusion. That quote was a wakeup call that inspired Bernadette to step up to the next level of activation in bridging the realms of Human and Faery.

Bernadette has followed the path of mystery wisdom as it was laid out in the Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology. She discovered a magical awareness that led her home to the ancient future – ancient, because it is rooted in the wisdom of the fae, and future, because it leads us out of the Matrix into 5th dimensional consciousness. That ancient future is now. Join her to learn more about how Celtic Mystery Wisdom and the fae can uplift your life and your world.

Like the faeries and elves, Bernadette quietly works behind the scenes in the higher dimensions to balance and harmonize the energetic patterns of Earth, especially in the dragon realms. Bernadette is a Reiki Master and EFT practitioner offering Shamanic Energy Healing, Matrix Reimprinting, and Law of Attraction Coaching. She is also a Visionary Artist, Intuitive Faery & Angel Card Reader, and director of Faehallows School of Magic.

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