Biography of Chireya Fox

Chireya Fox is a Spiritual Teacher, Author and Master Practitioner & Teacher of Advanced Energetic Clearings she calls The Recalibrations Process. A student of multiple healing modalities and recipient of direct transmissions from Source and The Guides.

Chireya’s work is profoundly and immediately impactful for all who are ready to embrace change, let go, and allow the old energetics of distortion to be dissolved. Chireya began communicating with the Divine and working on herself at a young age, having begun conversing with God at age 3, clearing her energy field at age seven and writing healing processes at at 16.

Subsequently, she studied everything from Soul Clearing to Reiki to Healing Touch to Ho’OponoPono to the mystery teachings and esoteric wisdom of multiples of traditions, and more. Her keen curiosity and natural abilities became evident as she worked with numerous advanced initiates directly, and began receiving direct instruction and transmissions as well as processes and techniques from High Level Guides of the Light, and Source Consciousness. Her passion for reality creation, law of attraction, and healing have been a guiding light, allowing her to help thousands of people over the last 30 years.

The books she has written provide the foundational comprehension for this body of work, while her private sessions and programs provide the direct experiences clients and students around the world are needing now to take themselves to the next level in our global ascension and healing process. You can find out more about her work at


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