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Biography of Clairre Sommer

Clairre Sommer is badass Powerhouse Warrior of Light on a Soul-journey mission to empower and support you to recognize and follow your inner spark, truth, and Soul Purpose.

Being a Conscious Energy Transformation Expert, she informally guides you through your life transitions and transformations.
Her vast knowledge and abilities cover Soul & Spirit Guide Coach, Akashic Records Reader, Next Level Transformational Coach, Energetic Business Coach, several Reiki Master Healer/Teacher certifications and soon also Effortless Life Facilitator.

She teaches that we are all worthy, and how releasing your past and aligning your frequency and intentions into your Souls Unique Blueprint is the roadmap to claim your power back and make the Law of Attraction work for you – whether you simply want to manifest more money or create the happy, abundant life of your dreams.

Rebel at heart, she is no stranger to hardship, as she has seen and lived through a massive variety of extremes that life seemingly threw at her, and her story would truly make for an inspiring movie.

Born in Denmark, she lived the streets of Spain as a 15-year old punk-rocking runaway, got through drug use, psychosis, rape, best-friend-betrayals and continuously unfaithful partners to name a few – all in search of deeper meaning, belonging, love and a sense of connection.

Always driven by an inner spark and the silent whisper of her soul, she claimed her power back by realizing that there are no “wrong paths”, but simply our Soul constantly trying to nudge us into better choices – and so she transformed confusion, fear and pure survival into a meaningful life of joy, self-love, soul connection, motherhood and conscious manifestation power.

She is on the clear path to create and embody her dream life while supporting you to do the same.
She’s a beacon of light to those who work with her, and helps you cut through the noise and ignite your unique powers, so you too can clear your blocks, re-write your story, know what choices are aligned to your Soul, and bring your life to the next level by choosing your dreams.

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