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Autobiography of Dede DeMayo

I am a Certified ThetaHealer®, Reiki practitioner, Reverend, Light Language Speaker (the language of the ONE), Justice Coach, Mother and special needs advocate, I have overcome incredible obstacles in my professional and personal relationships to become a clear conduit for the Keeper of Secrets of God, Archangel Raziel. When channeling the Archangel Raziel accurate information comes through to bring about clarity and peace to her clients.  My powerful faith in Creator, Christ, Shamanism, and Alchemy help me manifest a miraculous, spiritually authentic and empowered life for myself and my clients.

I believe anything is possible, that we as Divine Beings are limitless. My greatest passion is to live a life without limits and through conversation and a combination of healing modalities tailored to fit each client, it is my dream to help them realize their potential in all areas of life, whether it be mental, physically or emotionally.

While the lead modality for my work is referred to as ThetaHealing, my sessions incorporate what is needed for the client and what higher guidance from myself and those who assist (Angels, Ascended Master’s) direct.

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