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Biography of Elizabeth Renee

I am a transformational coach, as well as a licensed psychotherapist, and the author of “Being Luminous”, a book about my Method, which I call The Manifest Project. My work is a Spiritual Psychology, Self Alchemy, whose primary goal is to Awaken Your Sacred Self. Its closest cousin to Law of Attraction, however incorporates the leading findings from neuroscience to create focused transformational experiences.

The essential theory is this: Your relationship with yourself is the basis for all your relationships, and how you draw to yourself what you experience in life.   We focus on establishing a relationship to your Sacred Self, as the bridge back to your core self, the source of your power.

Transformational coaching concerns itself with Self Mastery for Life Mastery. Its total transformation, not transformation of…

Through your relationship with your Sacred Self you effectively and quickly dissolve limiting beliefs, feelings of inadequacy, ineffective habits, old wounds, and manifest your highest vision and voice with ease and clarity.

The Sacred Self is the focal point of a powerful correction to the object centrism, i.e the addiction to externals, that dominates contemporary society. Most importantly this object addiction carries the implicit belief that the solution is also “out there.” All false premises. All perpetuating the pain and the lack and the loss of authenticity and  personal power. We are all Brings of Light in our core. Our planet is an amazing cauldron of creation and we are extensions of that creative power and magnificence. This is not metaphoric. We are composed of the same elements and are embedded within a web of life. We would not otherwise be able to exist.  We need to reconnect to our magic, to celebrate and explore our mysterious and sacred existence, to get to the next level.  Stop the fixation with “steps to…” or “hacks” and get back to ourselves as the Subject of our lives. The former makes us mere mechanics, not the Creators we are.

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