Guest Speaker - Greatest You Summit Series 8

Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner
Certified Life Transformation Consultant
Reiki Master Practitioner

Biography of Gloria Shaw

Gloria Shaw has worked in the field of Medicine and Holistic Health for over 40 years, freeing people from sickness, pain and suffering, false illusions, self sabotage, feelings of unworthiness and other maladies of the heart, mind, body and spirit.

Gloria’s processes have been healing and awakening clients to their true, authentic, divine lovable/loving self. Through Gloria’s Whole Heart Healings, her clients have experienced miraculous, transformational Healings that traditional text book medicine does not understand.

Gloria is committed to empowering and teaching people of all ages the many benefits of Whole Heart Healing and Transformation. Gloria’s mission is to end pain, suffering and heartache. Her heart wants people to enjoy living, to not just exist, numb and cope their way thru life.

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