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Emotional Relief Catalyst

Biography of Avilone Bailey

As a child growing up, Avilone was in tune with her spiritual guidance.  At age 6, she could see the energy fields around the trees and bushes.  In second grade, during spelling bees, she was able to see in her mind’s eye how each word was spelled resulting in her being the last one standing.  In third grade, while at home reading a book, she was shown what turned out to be an answer to a bonus test question given in school later that week.  She was the only one in the class to answer it correctly.  Always in tune with her Inner Guidance, she gained a keen perception of people and events and at times was prompted to remove herself from potentially harmful situations.

Her life path was also revealed to her.  She knew as a young child that she would be a nurse when she grew up.  It was a burning desire, one that could not be ignored, as she grew into adulthood.  She achieved her nursing goal with a career that spanned over 25 years earning a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree along the way.  During her successful and fulfilling career as an RN, she continued to follow her Inner Guidance.  She actively explored and participated in the many facets of the metaphysical world experiencing and studying meditation, psychometry, past life regression, auras, stones and crystals and found that she was particularly drawn to energy as a healing modality.

She now focuses on her energy work as an Emotional Relief Catalyst, helping clients by using a modality she has created.  In her current work, she is able to remove stuck or stored energies in one’s energy field.  These stuck or stored energies can interfere with a person’s ability to move forward in their life or can keep them from experiencing a life that is healthy and fulfilling.   Removing stuck energies can assist a person in reaching their full potential.


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