Spiritual Healer & Holistic Life Coach Consultant.  I am a Psychic/ medium and an Intuitive healer and a Reiki Practitioner.

Biography of Katerina Lenarcic

I am a Spiritual Healer & Holistic Life Coach Consultant.  I am an Intuitive Healer and a Reiki Practitioner. Certified Psychic Medium with the International Psychic Association of Australia and I understand and Interpret Light language & Codes of the Galactic Centre.

I have been trained by my Guardian Angels to tap into the past, present or future via the Akashic Records, so I can assist you in remembering your true self.  With my Life experience and coaching skills, we can create realistic and achievable goals to have a successful life in love and self-care. My Purpose is to assist you in Shining your Light and being connected to your Highest Self.

Be Your True Self is about being your Authentic Self, knowing it is OK to speak your Truth and receiving your rewards from working hard in your investment of Self Love and Self Worth. Everything I give to you; I do for myself. I learn from listening to my own instincts and from the guidance of my Angelic Entourage and you can do the same.

Be Your True Self is about being proud of your accomplishments and knowing that you can be who you want to be. I have a personal connection to my Angelic family who are my Blue Diamond Energy. You can also achieve a conscious connection to your Guardian Angels. This can help you in creating an understanding of Your True Self through various ways of self-care and assist you in creating achievable goals. I can assist you to move forward with a greater understanding and confidence of Self.

I am so grateful that I can offer you a safe place where you are not judged, looked down upon and where you will receive honest answers to your questions. Having a mentor in your life is a rewarding experience; just being able to have someone to talk with can change your life for the better.  Do you desire a successful life, where you have the tools to manifest heartfelt desires? And most important BE YOUR TRUE SELF. I believe in your ability to have the courage and determination to Ignite the Light Spark in your Heart.

I am on Facebook //www.facebook.com/blueflame11 and Business page:  Be Your True Self, www.facebook.com/katerinalenarcic

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