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Biography of Kathy Craig

Kathy Craig is a gifted healer who has been using her hands to heal for over twenty years.  She did not realize there was a name for her natural gifts until as a Hospice volunteer she was introduced to Usui Reiki which she now gives to patients, staff, and caregivers.  She is a natural intuitive light worker and loves sharing her gifts with her clients to heal them in person or far away.

Kathy Craig, a magical being is a Reiki II practitioner lives in Florida with her dog and cat. She’s been manifesting for good and sometimes bad (those pesky lessons). She believes she is the Star, Director and Producer of her life. Do you believe the same?

How may she help you be the Star of Your Life?

By introducing you to your guides. By sending you healing energy. By awakening you to your best version. By being a catalyst….

She looks forward to meeting you on the call! Meanwhile may your time be filled with love and magical surprises

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