Biography of Lynne Herod-De Verges

Lynne Herod-DeVerges is a Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual Teacher/Mentor and International Seminar Guide that’s always been aware there is more to life than the experiences of the five physical senses.  She came to realize this through her strong intuitive abilities along with her desire to always delve into the heart of a matter.  She is also aware that, to be your best, a connection between a healthy body, mind and soul is essential. For this reason, Lynne has dedicated her life to serving others in the art of spiritual-empowerment.

At the age of fourteen she committed herself toward the path of being a powerful spiritual guide, working unceasingly for the highest good of the planet and service to others. For a few years Lynne was resistant, engaging in many life challenging experiences such as sexual, drug and alcohol abuse along with depression, all of which not only taught her but helped her to become the effective guide she is today.  Eventually she let go of resistance, opening her mind and heart to be taken on a journey that leads her to where she is now.

Part of Lynne’s life journey included receiving her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Government and Economics. She became a bank officer in the areas of business loans, real-estate and personal loans and investment banking. A few years later, her life journey guided her toward extensive spiritual, metaphysical and self-empowerment training where in 1985 Lynne became an ordained Essene master and minister. As a minister, she dedicates her life to the healing and spiritual empowerment of everyone she meets. To this end she founded Center of Light Miracles (CLM) in Los Angeles, California. Through beginning, intermediate and advanced courses all people are welcome to explore the ability of bringing forth light from within which connects them to the divine presence of Universal Consciousness and the acknowledgement of miraculous living. In this way, everyone learns how to become a conscious miracle worker, succeeding in their own life.

It’s through Center of Light Miracles that Lynne brings a blend of spirituality with practicality to businesses and individuals alike. Her well rounded services have benefited people from all professions, cultures, life style backgrounds and traumatic experiences. Some of them have included award winning movie stars, music, and television personalities.

Her spiritual mentoring and teaching credits span throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, China, South Africa and of course, the United States. Lynne is well known for using her skills and abilities in meditation classes, self-realization & empowerment programs, and in health, business and personal life guidance. Through her classes, lectures and a variety of intuitive counseling sessions Lynne helps heal the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of every individual she encounters.

Lynne has appeared on various television and radio shows including the weekly radio program Spiritually Speaking Live where she was a co-host for two years. Some of her other credits include speaking at the Whole Life Expo; an interview in the documentary “Dark Girls” aired on OWN television; as a guest on various radio shows for both internet and AM/FM radio stations; and more.

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