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Biography of Mary Ropp and Lynlee Lybrook

Mary Ropp is passionate about laughter, learning, teaching, and excel. She is a little quirky and a self-proclaimed nerd, but likes to enjoy the fun things in life like music and ghost hunting too. There were a lot of challenges that she battled through and came out stronger on the other end. Mary is thankful to have the opportunity to work with others and watch them succeed.

Lynlee Lybrook is a project manager by day, and personal development coach by night. She finds the two interact well, and she holds an IT degree, along with a Robbins Madanes Coaching certification. Her passions are travel, dog rescue, paranormal investigation and personal development. She loves to help people with their everyday challenges, as well as setting and obtaining both short and long-term goals. She feels that the sky is the limit and wants to help people break through their limiting beliefs.

They are a little unconventional, mixing a little metaphysical spiritualism with good old fashion swear words. They are authentic to their thoughts and beliefs, which builds strong relationships with their clients and proven results. They’ve started their own company – Ascending U – to help others to pursue their dreams.

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