Guest Speaker - Greatest You Summit Series7

Nattalia Estar
Author ・ Spiritual Teacher
Energy Healer・Holistic Coach

Biography of Nattalia Estar

Nattalia Estar was born in a little village near Siberia, Russia. She left home at the age of twenty to pursue a singing career when she was diagnosed with a devastating disease. After several years and countless unsuccessful traditional medical treatments, Nattalia finally found hope in holistic healing, and her illness was cured. Since then, Nattalia had become a student and teacher of metaphysical and esoteric arts. She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Theta Healer, transformational retreat facilitator, alchemist and writer.

Nattalia is on mission to help others learn how to heal themselves and bring healing to others. She is a spiritual teacher and energy healer who supports people in inner alchemy while creating radical confidence and passionate living.


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