Guest Speaker - Greatest You Summit Series 8

Nia Kallhof
Healer & Soul Mentor, Crystal Resonance Therapist,
Spiritual Mother Minister, Mentor & Workshop Facilitator
at Yggdrasil Mystery School and published author.


Biography of Nia Kallhof

Nia studied under internationally acclaimed teacher Naisha Ahsian, author of Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path of Self Knowledge and The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach Us. Nia is a certified practioner with many years’ experience in Naisha’s vibrational healing modalities–Crystal Resonance Therapy and Primus Activation Healing Technique.

Nia is also certified in Breathwork/Rebirthing.  She completed several years of apprenticeship in shamanic transformational practices and has traveled extensively as part of her own spiritual quest to sacred sites across the U.S. and in Peru, Mexico, Europe and Egypt.

Nia began practicing yoga and meditation in the early 1970’s.  Her spiritual practices continue to be a core flame burning brightly in her heart day after day.  Passing this flame, one heart at a time is something to which she has dedicated her life.

Nia, also known by her spiritual name Narayanii Ma, was blessed to reside for 13 years in the peaceful Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri at Hearthaven, heartquarters for Progressive Women’s Spiritual Council and a retreat center offering personal healing retreats, women’s spirituality retreats and a variety of classes and workshops. Currently she is sharing more spiritual adventures with her beloved life partner and gifted shaman Bruce Durward. Together they co-authored the book Quan Yin, The Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Cell Towers.

Drawing on these many years of training and experience in personal growth work, meditation, shamanic and spiritual practices, crystal healing, and breathwork/rebirthing, Nia has developed a soul mentoring process, through which she intuitively guides her mentees as they tend their core wound, connect with their deepest Self and highest Truth, and learn to live their heart’s desire. She embraces the personal journey of each soul with her full loving presence and helps it along with guided visualizations, creative assignments, and perceptive questions and reflections.

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