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UNIFIED Human/Spiritual Being, Channel, Healer, Toner and Messenger Guide for Spiritual Remembrance

Biography of Margaret Claire Jacobs

My journey has evolved over many years to bring me to this time as a UNIFIED Human/Spiritual Being using many methods of presenting God’s Unconditional LOVE as Channel, Healer, Toner and Messenger Guide for Spiritual Remembrance.

I was brought up with very traditional beliefs of religion, family and of self-sacrifice.  I became a nurse, married and had 4 children. I was always aware of a sense of peace with Mother Mary but was never conscious of other gifts.

After several years of transitions in my personal life, I began searching for a new modality to enhance my nursing experience. In a very convoluted manner I was guided to my channeling teacher of the past 30 years, a very different and life changing occurrence.  My initial resistance was changed when I experienced a sense of “coming home” and could channel immediately.  I also felt the strong connection of The Mothers, as a loving presence that enveloped me beyond description. They are a group of Light Beings of the Divine Feminine.

I continue to experience Heart Opening Love in their constant presence with me. They are a gift that is given to all with whom I work to act as a bridge of God’s love manifested.  Light Language appeared in my life through the Charismatic movement in the 70’s and Toning came a few years after I started with my channeling group.  Toning, Light Language, and Channeling are powerful tools that have assisted me to move through these times of heart opening changes. I have been carried through many challenges by surrendering my way and choosing trust, faith, and love as a decision. I am always given whatever is for my greatest good.  Despite the answer being “no” or “not yet,” I have learned again and again, something even greater appears.

I have continued this journey with my Ascension Group into further reaches of Universal Energy Beings of Light.  With others, I/We are co-creating our remembrance of Vibrational Heart Toning to be Ascension.  All who are guided to me find my unique ability to co-create with each one, the sustained Heart Vibrations that provide the container of love for self-empowerment and remembrance for their own path.

I am grateful for all the continued adventures of my life and for all my family and friends who love and support me as Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Spiritual Being on this journey of love.

Margaret Claire offers individual sessions in person or through phone, Skype, Zoom, and Face Time. Groups can also be arranged.

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