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Biography of Rosemary de Vos

Rosemary is an Author, Speaker and Transformational Coach.

With a background in Mind Body Medicine, Kinesiology and Holistic Counselling, Rosemary de Vos has worked with clients for the past 15 years as they transform and connect with their inner knowing.

After suffering from years of depression and anxiety, Rosemary learned the art of asking questions which has allowed her to create programs that assist with health, love, abundance and transformation.

She has an innate ability to facilitate people to connect with their guides and higher aspects of themselves to allow transformation to occur in all areas of their life. With this in mind she uses tools to bypass the thinking mind and open up the lines of communication gently and easily so her clients can access information from other realms in their energetic sphere.

She facilitates Life Transformed Workshops and Master Coaching Programs with clients from all over the world which allows the participants to heal, resolve and transform any issues in their life.

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