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Sarah-Jane Farrell

Biography of Sarah-Jane Farrell

I am a nervous system specialist, medicine woman and love warrior who helps people and animals “evolve out loud”, through my TRUST TOUCH process.

By going “deep down”, loving whatever arises, you too, can live fulfilled and aligned with your soul’s purpose. When you listen to your animal body and create your own safety, you reclaim self confidence through compassion, to trust you are unique and valuable, that you are enough – no matter what anyone else says including your own saboteur voices, true transformation and healing happens.

I teach my clients human or animal, to create peaceful presence so that they can identify their blind spots, fear based self sabotaging patterns and unconscious commitments, that keep them feeling stuck, sick, exhausted and depressed. When you use the Trust touch™ Process, you are able to transform old victim stories and trauma into truth and triumph.

I believe that when you can create a calm state of present moment through trust, your brain and nervous system heal naturally, you stop the fight/flight or freeze by creating your own safety, you perhaps never had as a child.

My medicine is part ancient, intuitive wisdom part pragmatic psychology.

I know what works and what does not work, coupled with an intuitive gift to be able to see what others cannot.

If you are ready to “be your own medicine”, I continue to help thousands of people recover from debilitating “mystery disease” and misunderstood conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic pain by getting to the root cause of their suffering, remember who they are and live fulfilled, happy, healthy lives.

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