Guest Speaker - Greatest You Summit Series 8

Certified Angel Communication, Master (ACM) and intuitive

Biography of Sherry Bowers

With over 20 years of experience in online technology and business systems, a bachelor’s degree in Tax and Accounting, and as a Certified Angel Communication Master (ACM) and intuitive, she has the ability to talk both languages, spirit & tech.

She began working with online technologies in 1995, with her first website design business focused on spiritual entrepreneurs. Following her own guidance and calling, she left the accounting industry to focus on helping others grow their businesses online.

She helps conscious entrepreneurs who feel intimidated by technology, bridge the gap between their vision and the online systems they must have to grow their business.  Because, once they make friends with technology, they no longer feel like they will blow something up when they hit the wrong button. Instead they will be empowered and able to get on with bringing their unique gifts out to the world.


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