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Biography of Simone Wright

As a respected authority on Intuitive Intelligence, Spiritual Evolution and Quantum Creativity, Simone Wright is an internationally valued expert on the power of the human spirit and its massive potential for evolutionary intelligence and groundbreaking visionary ingenuity.

She is a highly respected Intuitive consultant, an award winning entrepreneur and globally collected artist. She is also an author, teacher and speaker with a rich esoteric and mystical background, who is quickly gaining a reputation as the ‘Evolutionary Spiritual Coach for Elite Performers and Visionary Leaders.’

Simone has successfully used her dynamic Intuitive skills to assist in police investigations, missing children’s cases and individual and corporate business strategies and has taught thousands of people around the world to tap into the profound and deep wisdom of their Spiritual intelligence and use it in meaningful ways.

Her most recent book is ‘First Intelligence – Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition’. She has appeared on radio and television programming across North America, presented keynote speeches at numerous conferences on empowerment and has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Her website is:

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