Healing & Consciousness Expert

Biography of Suzie Emilliozzi

Suzie Emiliozzi is a Healing & Consciousness Expert who specializes in addressing the hidden factors that keep people stressed, stuck, sick, and dissatisfied. She loves helping people to move from frustrating circumstances into joyful, harmonious situations.

Many of Suzie’s clients have reported vast improvements in wellbeing as well as elimination of long term pain, physical & emotional symptoms, and many other difficult situations.

Although she was drawn to helping and healing arts as a child, it was her personal struggles with pain and disability that prompted Suzie to discover the deeper reasons that people don’t heal and get stuck in frustrating situations. These discoveries led to her own amazing recovery and initiated the desire to help others experience their best life.

Having studied many approaches to healing and change, Suzie’s work evolved into a comprehensive program that includes techniques based in spirituality, psychology, philosophy, the modern sciences, and her own modality: BLISS.

Suzie is the author of the #1 bestseller Breakthrough Moments: 5 Step Formula for Getting Out of Your Own Way and Having the Life You Love.

Suzie is a Registered Nurse, and, in addition to degrees in Nursing and Psychology, Suzie holds certifications in multiple approaches for healing and change, including Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Reiki, the BodyTalk System, and others.

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