Troika Saint Germain
Spiritual Accelerator, Transformational Alchemist, Founder of Divine Master Within™

Biography of Troika Saint Germain

Troika Saint Germain is a Spiritual Accelerator and Transformational Alchemist who is able to advance people to their next level of spiritual development through Pure Light, Color, Sound, the Violet Flame, and powerful Higher Realm Activations. She is the Founder of Divine Master Within™, a system that facilitates individuals to awaken to their Divine Self by raising their vibration; learning how to communicate with their Divine Inner Guidance; and living from their Heart. By doing so, one becomes empowered and personally guided to live at their Highest Potential and create the life of their dreams.

Troika is a Self-Realized Being. She accomplished a deep transformation and Divine Union through guidance from Masters and Angels, plus her own spiritual practices, knowledge and techniques. Her life experiences, alchemy products and techniques are the foundation of the Divine Master Within™ system.

Troika has achieved a state of Oneness, deeply knows that everybody is Divine, and that they can achieve the same transformation. Her Mission is to awaken individuals to their true nature – their Divine Self – and to assist them and planet Earth with Divine Transformation.

She shares her experiences and spiritual techniques with clarity, grace and humor. Troika has a rare ability to bridge dimensions, make the Esoteric understandable, and the Higher Realms attainable to all.  She has assisted tens of thousands of people worldwide to awaken to their Divine Self through her Divine Master WithinPlay-Shops & Retreats, webinars, lectures, interviews, and private guidance sessions.

Troika also is the producer of many high frequency transformational Alchemy products created by Ascended Master Saint Germain. These unique products are wonderful tools to assist and quicken the Enlightenment process. They are available on her website,

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